Rick Cuddihe will inspire and enthuse your people or customers with his high energy presentations. Rick has addressed many company or associations annual meetings and will source industry experts with state of the art experience and knowledge to maximize your talking points.


Make your next meeting effective, exciting, fun and profitable.

Rick has facilitated many panel discussions and will moderate an exciting packed presentation or panel discussion for your meeting.

Many businesses face a common challenge as they launch and grow their companies--their first meetings with prospects. Holding new business meetings with prospects and closing sales face-to-face require mastering a set of strategies and skill.

We will lead you through the steps to successful meetings to get you off to a great start.

We will gather background information. We will make a list of all the ways your product or service will benefit the client.

Set a realistic goal. It's essential that every meeting moves your prospect incrementally closer to a buying decision.

Prepare quality materials. Pay close attention to any materials intended to leave with prospects, especially if you're in a competitive bid situation.

Rehearse your presentation. It's a big mistake to bring materials to a new business meeting unless you've practiced how you'll use them.

Build rapport using property observations. Detect opportunities to build commonality and rapport with your prospect.


Contact me today to discuss your needs. I will reply promptly to discuss a plan. Don't wait! The sooner we start planning, the sooner your business receives the rewards of our efforts.