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Read an overview of my services provided at left. Contact me today to start working on your business. I work with large international companies on business management and revenue development. The choice of a knowledgeable, experienced and dynamic consultant with conservative values and outstanding ability to take advantage of latest technologies and innovations is crucial for a successful local and international business organization and management. It is important to be sure in the opportunity to always get effective advice in real time for a better risk management, strategic planning and investments with a fully personalized approach.

I work with landscape contractors to improve their maintenance operations and safety practices. I also provide consulting to lawn care, landscape and other maintenance/management businesses on ways to improve profits, operations, and marketing.

I serve on several boards helping manage executive operations. I provide expertise in a specific area which can help your corporation. My leadership and management expertise is a benefit as I have run related businesses. I am interested in the business and its continued well-being as shown by my commitments. I devote time and energy to board duties and always expect to spend time preparing for and attending board meetings, also serving on additional committees. My integrity and interests are represented in all that I accomplish.

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Articles I have contributed to Turf Magazine Previous Turf Magazine Articles Contributed:

Power, Efficiency, Comfort

Spotlight on mower innovations that matter By Rick Cuddihe and Ron Hall
January 2012
Landscape company owners can't compete profitably in today's crowded and price-sensitive market with yesterday's technology. Similarly, given their shrinking budgets, institutional grounds pros can't manage large areas of turfgrass with inef...

Get Better Deals

By Rick Cuddihe, CLP
November 2011
Today's uncertain economic times demand serious planning, especially when it entails large layouts of cash. Buying equipment to support your landscape maintenance operation is no exception. I've been on every side of the supply chain - as a manufac...

Safety is No Accident

Regular training and the use of protective gear will reduce injuries and claims By Rick Cuddihe
November 2011
PHOTO COURTESY OF STOCK.XCHNG/MARCELO TERRAZA. One of the most important issues we deal with in the green industry is safety. How safety policies and procedures are implemented within your company deserve your utmost attention. Mowers...

Start Your 2012 Success Plan Now

By Rick Cuddihe, CLP
October 2011
Do you have a planning process to improve your company, increase business or be more efficient in 2012? If you don't, develop one. How much and how well you plan this fall will definitely impact next year's profitability and business performance. ...