Business Negotiations

How you negotiate when it comes to landing a sale or contract reflects your respect for the customer and how deeply you care about the life of that relationship. Those who are peak performers at negotiating show a lot of style and grace under pressure--something their co-negotiators remember and appreciate.

We have the negotiating skills when it comes to the art of the deal.


Be prepared. Always go into a negotiation well rested.

Remember, it's only a game. It's often hard for entreprenueurs to remain neutral when they negotiate--they're too emotionally attached and sensitive when it comes to representing themselves and their company.

Don't take a hard-and-fast position. When you start negotiating, remind yourself that you want this agreement to work satisfactorily for everyone involved.

Be prepared to walk away. If you say yes to something, whether it turns out to be good or bad, you still have to say no to the next thing that comes along because you have already filled that space.

Practice compassion, and negotiate in good faith. Let customers air their feelings, make comments, present objections and feel comfortable telling you whatever is on their minds.


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