The process of benchmarking your business to evaluate your current success can be very involved, requiring the collection, analysis and comparison of mounds of data on everything from your recent sales growth to production capacity. Look around and ask yourself if your business seems to be where it should be right now. Take a look at your sales. How profitable are you? Be aware how much your company is worth. What is your expected future cash flow? Take a look at your market share. Take a look at your employees. Take a look at your location.

Let us measure the current value and success of your company in order to determine your future business plans.


Quality of life. Does your current location provide a pleasant work environment?

Labor. Can you find the workers you need to prosper and grow?

Market. Will the local market provide adequate additional opportunity to grow?

Distribution. Can you get enough raw materials--and ship out enough finished goods--at your current location?

Business costs. Are the costs of doing business low enough to support growth where you are?

Labor. What's your average productivity per employee?

Equipment. What's the maximum throughput you can achieve with your existing plant and machinery?

Supply. Can you obtain more raw materials and supplies than you're getting now?


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